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What is Premature Baby?

Let’s assume that you are all pregnant together and that you are in an exciting wait to hold your mini. Let’s imagine that you are in a hurry to choose a name for your baby and that every item you buy for her room creates great happiness for you. What if everything goes so well; what if your baby is born prematurely at an unexpected time?

What is Premature Baby?

It would make sense to introduce this concept, which we are sure that almost every mother knows. Normally between 40 and 42 weeks of gestation before the termination of the baby before 37 weeks of the baby is called premature baby. These babies, who meet the incubator at the time of their birth, are essentially tiny heroes and learn that the world is a field of struggle when they are little. Although babies born before

37 weeks are called premature babies; The earliest born and living baby was found to be 21 weeks old. In short, it is not only how small premature babies are to the world, but how they fight with their parents is important in their battle.
Today in this article; We will focus on premature infant mothers rather than premature infants.

Because it is very difficult for premature infant mothers to watch the struggle of their babies. There are also several forms of misconduct towards these mothers as a society. In this article, we will also mention these behaviors.

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