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50pcs Simple and intelligence developer children’s toys

Mind and Intelligence games are effective games for children to improve their intelligence while having fun and to increase their mental abilities. With these games, children can develop their existing mental and cognitive abilities and acquire new mental abilities. Brain games to children; quick decision making, thinking and foreseeing the next stages, calculating the possibilities, the ability to use the logic effectively and competently, as well as planned action, teaches to make fast and accurate decision. It shows how to approach events and situations from different angles, and how to bring different interpretations.

Self-confidence increases as the child learns something in mind games and succeeds in using his intelligence, knowledge and skills effectively. Since games that require high concentration are played through intelligence games, children gain the ability to concentrate while playing these games. These skills gained are fulfilled by a rote understanding of children; allows the researcher to adopt an interrogative approach. The studies and inquiries of the children will improve the creativity of the child, make it a more successful and differentiating individual in life and will lead to an increase in school success.

Our students develop special areas such as visual perception, reasoning, attention development, memory strengthening, quick thinking, symmetry, new solutions to problems, tactical development, strategy development and abstract thinking.

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