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Bathroom Cabinet What to Consider When Choosing, Bathroom Cabinet Installation How to do?

Choose the right size cabinet for your bathroom
No matter which area of ​​your home you are in, you have to choose according to the size of the area when choosing furniture. Choosing the right size furniture is extra important, especially since the bathroom is usually smaller than other areas of the house. In addition to the bathroom cabinets that consist of the lower module and the upper module, you can also take length cabinets and install them to the left or right of the sink. Positioning additional cabinets around the sink, such as a full height cabinet, can help you use your bathroom more efficiently. Now let’s list a few trend suggestions to make space efficient and to choose the right bathroom cabinet.

The mirror of your choice of bathroom cabinet is ideal for shooting two birds with one stone! But combining non-tool products is one of the most popular applications. If you wish, you can meet different sets of mirrors and cabinets and you can catch the originality in your bathroom.
Koçtaş has cabinets in different sizes and styles ranging from 40 cm to 120 cm. So you can easily choose between different models according to your area. In fact, if you have enough space, instead of buying a single, large cupboard, you can buy two 40 cm small cupboards, and you can install two separate sinks on it and create a very useful space.

Easy-to-Use Products
The use of high or complex design storage areas can also be difficult to clean. Therefore, one of the answers to the question n What should we pay attention to when buying a bathroom cabinet? Mek is to choose products that you can use easily and that will provide you with practicality in cleaning.

Choosing products with interior lighting features is very important in finding what you are looking for easily and cleaning the bathroom cabinet easily. If you’ve found a product that suits your needs and space, but the cabinet doesn’t have lighting, don’t worry; You can also apply the LED strips to the desired points by yourself! If you wish, you can create a useful space and contribute to the bathroom decoration by placing sconces on the sides of the cabinets or stalactites that you will position in a way that provides a clear view in the bathroom mirror.

In the meantime, products that have ventilation grills make it easy to clean without mentioning.

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