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The most colorful, flashy nail polish colors and models

I want to give you some information about nail polish. Cleaning of nail polishes is an indispensable kind of paint applied to the nails. Women apply this kind of paint to their fingernails and toenails. It should not be returned to daily life before the nail polish dries, make sure that the nail polish is dry. If there is a shortage of time, you can benefit from practical solutions by using technology such as nail polish dryer; nail hair dryer or personal blower cold air cleaning; like keeping cold waterproofing.

Nail polish application should not be continued without interruption. The nail polish is a layer that prevents air from closing the nail. This nail polish causes the nails to turn yellow and does not lose their healthy appearance. Call from time to time to nail polish application.

Where did it come out of ?

Egyptians used nail color to distinguish social classes. It is known that Nefertiti, the wife of King Akhenaton, painted his fingernails in ruby color and Cleopatra painted his cherry color. Women representing subclasses were only allowed to use dull colors.

A few tips?

Clean it with acetone and cut it from both sides with scissors. Because you can make shapes more comfortable with a fine-tipped brush. Keep the nail polish and the cotton swab and acetone there for clarity. With each new form, don’t forget to clean the fine-tipped brush with acetone, or the colors will mix.

It definitely benefits from the energy of red.

Remove Nail Polish

In order to prevent the nail polish to be applied to the fingers or toes from spreading out of the nail, cotton, etc., between the fingers (especially in the foot application). it would be useful to expand the distance by placing a support.

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