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Useful information for first time tattoos

So, if we’re going to get a tattoo for the first time, what should we look out for? What should we avoid? What should be our most important criterion?

You can find the answers to all these questions in our article. From the age of 18, this law is defined as 18 years old. For lower ages, the written consent of the parent of the person who will make the tattoo is required. But it is still inconvenient to tattoo someone under the age of 16 with incomplete body development. Because the location of tattoo will change as the body develops. How should I choose the place I will do tattooing? Unfortunately, as in other countries, in our country, there are people who make tattoos in unprofessional places like home, beauty salons and hairdressers. If you don’t want to have a good tattoo and, more importantly, not to endanger your health, make sure that the place and people you are going to have only serve. The most important criterion in this regard is that the place where you have your tattoo will be only a tattoo studio and the person who makes it is an expert. In this way, you can be happy with your tattoo for a lifetime. Also make sure that the place you have tattooed is a studio that has been serving for years and if you have never seen their work before, ask to look at the photos of their work. So you can understand the quality of workmanship.

How can I be sure of the hygiene of the tattooed place and the mastery of the tattooer?

It is very important to be satisfied with the result and to like it because tattoo is a body ornament. In addition, the creative side of a strong practitioner, application-specific recommendations to facilitate the decision-making and increase the satisfaction. The second most important point is that the application is hygienic. Are gloves used and replaced meticulously? Is a disposable needle used and does the needle open with you? Is the material covering the tattooing after the procedure in sterile packages?

Are the paints sterile?

The tattooing time can last from 5 minutes (like a simple letter, a small star) to tens of hours. It is important to note that no session should be studied for more than three hours in one session. The sessions can be continued at intervals of ten days. A professional tattooist can make tattoos on a 50 cm2 area within 45 minutes. What care should I apply to newly made tattoos and what should I avoid?

Tattoo care: Unfasten your tattoo after two to five hours. Apply a thin layer of Bactroban cream by cleaning with the recommended solution as described. Maintain this care during the recommended periods for a week and keep it away from water for 24 hours and away from the pool and sea for a week. Protect your tattoo from direct sunlight and solarium for a week.

Shells may form on the tattoo. Do not peel them. A tattoo can be done in any season of the year. 5 days after having your tattoo you can swim and go out to the sun. (If your tattoo is colored, this period is 7 days.) But the point that should be emphasized here is that you should apply at least 30 factors of protective cream when you go to the sun in order to burn to keep the color of your tattoo as the first day of your life.

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