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What should you pay attention to when choosing jewelry?

Tips for Jewelry Selection

In our jewelry preference, our hair, the length of our neck, our choice of place and clothes are the most important factors.

If you have short hair, you can choose big, remarkable, assertive models in your necklace and earrings selection. In modern haircuts, using thinner and simpler jewelry will create a pleasant appearance.

If you have long and messy hair, you can still choose attractive necklaces, but remember that your hair color is an important factor. If you have an assertive hair color, exaggerated jewelry can create a crowded and tiring look. It is possible to obtain a balanced image according to the color of the hairstyle and hair when choosing jewelry.

Jewelry Preference According to Place

It is better to use plain and plain jewelry in your work clothes. Pearl earrings, elegant necklaces will be a suitable complement to your work clothes. If you have an informal, comfortable work environment, you can also show off a flamboyant, stylish and comfortable look with designer jewelry.

If you are going out at night, you can get a stylish look with metallic models. If your destination is bohemian and shabby in style, you can also choose long, swinging necklaces and earrings and thick bracelets.

Gold? Silver?

One of the important points in the selection of jewelry is the selection of silver and gold jewelry. If you have cold skin, blue and pink pigments on your skin are concentrated, silver jewelry will look better on you. If your skin color is warmer and the yellow tone is dominant, you can get a nicer look with gold jewelry. If you have a neutral skin color that is not dominated by blue or yellow tones, you can use both gold and silver jewelry.

Thin, handmade, beaded bracelets sold in row looms that are established in summer places will continue to be indispensable.

Summer in Jewelry

Matchy-matchy earrings that are similar to each other but separated by small details are seen among the jewelry trends of the season. We will also see large, assertive earrings dangling from one ear this summer.

Two-storey anklets and chains are also very popular this summer. Exotic air on the beaches and beaches we will see plenty of anklets without tightening the wrist, you can use in a shabby way.

With the arrival of summer, we will see a lot of colorful jewelery, especially white combinations seem to add color.

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