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+5 Unprecedented Wedding Cake Ideas

I’m sure the five-story cake has been out of date. The trendy wedding cake of the last 10 years! Well, if you’re planning a wedding, you know that. But if you can say, “Let mine be different, more special and far from classic!

When choosing a wedding cake you must first know what you want or why you need to be inspired. This inspiration may come from your work, your wedding theme, your favorite painter’s work or colors, and even the pantone colors of that year. Now that we’ve determined more or less the sources of inspiration, you’re ready.

Wedding cake decorations were used in all wedding cakes. As the pastry boutique models developed and differentiated, these beautiful decorations were abandoned. However, these decorations are one of the things that color the wedding cake. Moreover, you can save the same as a memory by having the same made from plaster. The best known of these ornaments are the bride and groom. You can choose the bride and groom who are kissing, looking at each other or dancing.

Ombre cakes are one of the creative suggestions for spring and autumn weddings. It should be noted that these cakes, which awaken the endless color transitions of the season, require mastery and subtle pleasure. The most important thing in these creative cake designs is to decide the basic color of the ombrella.

Flower is one of the first objects that come to mind in cake design. Both flower forms made from edible sugar-based materials and the use of real flowers are open to creativity in cake design. The choice of colors and styles in flowering cakes allows for endless alternatives. Therefore, it is both a classic and a cheerful and simple line. However, it is also difficult to decide…

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