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How do you choose the wedding cake you have in mind? 5 methods

The only thing that creates its own ceremony by stealing from the bride and groom during the wedding is the wedding cake. When that moment comes, everyone turns their gaze to the wedding cake and waits for the moment to taste the cake with curiosity. What should be considered when choosing a wedding cake? Which wedding cakes are best suited to your wedding venue and concept?

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You must make the best decision to choose the cake, which is so memorable by the guests and an unforgettable moment of the wedding. Remember that cake selection is a pleasant and delicious process that will let you breathe in the wedding preparation stages. It would be a good idea to talk with your partner about what kind of cake you want and agree. Then you can narrow your options by making researches on the internet by identifying the cake models that may be suitable for you.

Number of Guests and Wedding Venue

Once you have decided what you want as a model, you should turn to other issues that you need to pay attention to. The number of guests and the place where the wedding will be held is one of the most important issues in your cake selection. In order to offer sufficient and satisfying cake to your guests, you should clarify the number and order the cake accordingly. You should pay attention to this situation as some pastry makers make pricing over the slice.

It is an important detail in your wedding venue and therefore your cake selection during your wedding season. If you are going to get married in winter, you can be a little more free in your cake selection. Dense chocolate or caramel cakes can be consumed by season. But if you are getting married in summer, it is better to use your preference for lighter cakes. Already in warm weather, you can give your guests the energy they can dance all night long by refreshing them by choosing light cakes that can be served with fruit or ice cream instead of heavy cream cakes. You can also get inspiration from your wedding venue when you decide to decorate the cake. You can use the colors you use in decorating the place in the cake to ensure integrity. Or if you are going to marry a country wedding, the wedding cake decorated with floral motifs will look quite elegant. In the same way, if you are getting married with a beach wedding, sea stars, shells can be preferred in cake decoration.

Deciding Your Wedding Pastry Shop

After evaluating the available data and clarifying things in our minds, it is time for the pastry maker to decide. The taste of your cake is as important as its visuality. The taste of a cake that looks so good can be forgotten by its visuality. Or you might not forget that a cake with the opposite taste is not as impressive as the appearance. The important thing is to capture the harmony of taste and image. For this you need to find the most suitable pastry shop. Taking into consideration your number of guests, it makes things easier to start researching after you’ve set a budget for your cake. Don’t hesitate to walk around and talk to different pastry makers. Ask the confectioner whose portfolio you believe can make the cake you want. His pastries will give you more or less ideas. Don’t forget to ask for a tasting appointment to avoid any surprises on your wedding day. You have the right to taste and have ideas before your guests.

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