Thanksgiving Crafts

12 Fabulous Thanksgiving Crafts That Are Sure to Inspire You

Do you like to celebrate Thanksgiving with arts and Thanksgiving crafts? I think it is fun to connect with our children and our inner child with crafts around this time of year.

But it can be hard to decide on what Thanksgiving crafts you’d like to do. Do you go with the traditional turkey? Do you focus all of your crafts around the delicious food we eat?

Fabulous Thanksgiving Crafts

I think this is probably one of the cutest Thanksgiving activities. Sadly, the site that this originated from has closed down.

But you can tell by looking at it, that you just need to cut out bubble wrap, color it, and then place the border around it, sticking it on a window or sliding door. It looks like it would be a really cool and fun craft to make.

Simple and impressive

3. Waxed Fall Leaves for Thanksgiving crafts

thanksgiving crafts

This is definitely a craft for adults. We often use wax leaves to create beautiful fall masterpieces. They can be used around the house or even to create magnificent center pieces.

So why pay for these leaves, when you can create them yourself thanks to this very helpful tutorial?

4. Thanksgiving Apple Turkeys

thanksgiving crafts

If you are a preschool teacher, a homeschool teacher, or just a fun and creative parent, then this craft would be great to enjoy with the kids

5. Pilgrim Hat as Thanksgiving crafts

thanksgiving crafts

I work with children of all ages multiple times throughout the week. Whether it be my own children with homeschooling or different aged children through our church, there is one thing I know, kids love cookies and edible crafts.

Well, this craft should be a winner because not only is it a great way to discuss Thanksgiving, but you’ll have their attention because it is made from cookies and candy.

6. Cheerio Corn on the Cob

Corn is a big part of Thanksgiving. Not only did the Native Americans teach the Pilgrims how to grow food, but they enjoyed that first harvest together.

So why shouldn’t we make corn crafts to celebrate Thanksgiving? And then to make it from Cheerios and craft paper makes it all the more interesting.

7. Kids’ Turkey Thanksgiving Crafts

I love the way this turkey craft looks. It is simple in design but still pops with color. Plus, I love how simple the materials appear to be.

So if you have a couple of clothes pins, some feathers, craft paper, and cardboard, then you can have this bright turkey as well.

8. Gratitude Garland

Thanksgiving is a time where we enjoy good food and good company. It is a time that a lot of people take to reflect on all of their blessings too.

So why not make that gratitude a part of your décor with this gratitude garland. It is a free print where you can write what you are thankful for, then decorate your home with your Thanksgivings.

9. DIY Cornucopia

This is such a great idea! You could use this DIY cornucopia as an edible treat, or as a beautiful centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table.

So all you will need is a pizza crust and some foil to shape the cornucopia out of. Then you bake and fill with lots of delicious treats.

10. Nutter Butter Turkey Cupcakes

This would be such a great addition to any Thanksgiving meal. The reason is that they are festive and appear very delicious.

So if you love Nutter Butter cookies and cupcakes, then you’ll definitely want to give this crafty recipe a go.

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